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Funeral and Memorial Templates Designs and Memorial Resources

You want unique mementos to celebrate the life of someone who has passed; that’s why you’re here on our website. You aren’t willing to settle for ‘run of the mill’ or ‘one style fits all’ funeral programs and other keepsakes, because the person who has died was one of a kind. Our new clipart borders package is an easy way to do just that—create unique, attractive funeral programs without being a graphic designer.

If you haven’t thought about the ways clipart borders can enhance the appearance of your funeral programs, here are some ideas to consider:

  • You can use funeral program clipart borders to give the pages of your programs a more finished, professional appearance.

funeral program clipart borders ad

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  • Clipart borders can be used to emphasize photos and collages that you include in your program design.

  • The addition of clipart borders to our funeral program templates creates even more visual interest.

  • Because each person’s creative ideas are unique, your funeral programs, using tools such as clipart borders, can be one of a kind, as well.

  • Design elements such as borders can also be used to reflect the personality and interests of the person who has passed. What were their favorite colors? Were they elegant and stylish or modern and colorful? Do you see how knowing details like that could help you design an appropriate memento?

But just how difficult is it to add clipart borders to a funeral program template? The answer—it’s not difficult at all! Because the borders included in our new package are in PNG format, they’ll blend seamlessly into your program templates, without a lot of ‘tweaking’.

They’re also easy to customize, thanks to the selection of colors and styles available. We’ve even included a Microsoft Word document with smaller images you may want to cut and paste into your program.

One more advantage to using funeral program and memorial clipart borders is that they are designed to be easy to mix and match, allowing hundreds of possible combinations. You won’t have to worry that, even if you’re designing funeral programs for many clients, you will duplicate a program that was meant to be personalized.

Having the right tools available makes all the difference when designing something as intimate as the program for a funeral or memorial service. These new clipart borders for funeral programs are just such a tool—easy to use, simple to customize and very affordable.

As you build your funeral program design business, or when you need to design funeral keepsakes for a loved one, consider using our new clipart borders package to create just the right look for a final tribute.

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Five New Funeral Program Templates Offer Even More Choice

Creating personalized funeral publications is now even easier, thanks to five new templates we’ve created for designing funeral programs. Having the flexibility to add special touches to any of these new templates means the funeral program or bulletin you create is one-of-a-kind. Here are the details on these new offerings, and links to make ordering them simple.

bifold bible roses template

Bible Roses Funeral Program Template

A bouquet of gorgeous yellow roses above an open Bible provides the perfect backdrop for the funeral program cover. The sky blue background nicely frames a special photo of the deceased and, by using the easy to follow template, it’s a simple thing to insert additional text.

Tastefully framed text boxes inside the program allow you to add an order of service and obituary, as well as photos or clipart to further personalize the publication. The back cover provides plenty of space for a special poem, quote or song lyrics, information about interment and notes of thanks or acknowledgment.

Beautiful enough to honor the most feminine woman while flexible enough to allow fonts, clipart and other elements to design almost anyone’s funeral program, the Bible Roses template helps you create an appropriate memento using Microsoft Word or Publisher.

bifold white roses

Cherished White Roses Funeral Program Template

This bi-fold program template also offers great flexibility in designing a personalized funeral program. Lovely white roses topped with a gold filigree banner allow you to create a program that is appropriate for either a religious or non-religious service.

As with all our templates, inserting the deceased’s photo, name, dates of birth and death and location of final service is a simple task. Inside the template, you’ll find coordinating frames for adding the elements of a funeral program such as order of service, an obituary, additional photos and special notes about the person who has died. The back cover includes a gold filigree embellishment and additional space for adding personal touches such as quotes, poetry and clipart or photographs.

bifold church template grey

Church Funeral Program Template

The peaceful cover of this new template, featuring a sunlit sky and the image of a church, is an appropriate memento for a Christian funeral service. Add personal touches such as photos, hymns and Scripture to design a unique tribute to the person who has died.

A smaller image of a church accents whatever personalized text you choose to add to the back cover of the bi-fold template. You can also easily add special photographs and tributes to the deceased to enhance the home-going service.


bifold honorable template

Honorable Funeral Program Template


This funeral program template is especially convenient for those who are designing memorial publications for clients, thanks to the ability to change the background color of the cover. With that flexibility, the funeral program can be designed for a man or woman, for a religious or secular service and for any age person. The cover graphics include a cross that can be used as part of the program or removed, if you wish.

Use your creative skills to choose an appropriate background color, graphics and wording to best honor the person who has passed. Some elements of a funeral program you may wish to include are poetry, photographs of the deceased, order of service, favorite quotes and details of the interment.



bifold fancy border

Fancy Border Funeral Program Template

Those of you looking for a simple yet elegant cover design will appreciate the Fancy Border template. We’ve also designed this funeral program so that the color of the cover scrollwork can easily be changed through Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Whether you’re hoping to create a personalized tribute to your loved one or need the ability to offer a wide range of options to your funeral publications clients, this template provides what you need. As with all our funeral program templates, the text you insert is completely customizable, allowing you to create a distinctive memento.

Using funeral program templates to design respectful remembrances of a loved one (or for a client) makes the task simpler. These new template designs offer even more possibilities for creating the exact memento you want. Use the links above to review the features of each and select the ones that work best for your situation.


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Funeral programs can be a treasured keepsake when a memorial photo collage is added. You could, of course use Microsoft Word or Publisher to make your collage. However, if you are working with many photos, and want something a little quick and easier for layout, you may want to try some of the free collage making software websites. You can quickly make photo collages, save them into one photo, and then easily inserted into your funeral program.

We’ve reviewed four collage making websites to help you decide which will work best for your project.

Four Free Photo Editing and Collage Design Programs



Picmonkey is a popular and well known free graphics program. It’s very simple to use. Simply click the collage button at the top of the website page and the file upload window comes up immediately. Upload your photos first, then drag and drop into pre-formatted collage sheets. There are many different collage layouts to choose from and you can easily round the corners of your photos and change spacing and background colors. When done, save the file to your computer and insert into your program or keepsake.



This website is pretty easy as well. To get started, click the Upload Photo Button. Photos can be positioned on blank canvas where you can control the layout, or you can use the EZ collage feature for pre-formatted collage feature. It’s a little awkward getting to the EZ collage/editor. They make you upload a photo first. Once a photo is uploaded, you can click the EZ collage button. These collage templates are pretty basic, mostly square shapes. Once you have inserted your photos into the collage, hit the “customize” button to use a wide variety of features, including special graphic effects and styles, borders, and text captions. There seems to be a lot of functionality, but the interface isn’t as easy as it could be. You can probably get good results; you just have to spend time learning the system.

You can save your creation to your computer.



Pizap has a robust collage editor. It had many different shapes, including hearts, puzzle and many different collage designs. It also had an extensive collections of decorate collage sheets, frames and borders. I really enjoyed testing different collage designs on this website.  It also has other more advanced enhancement features like frames and borders.

When saving my finished image, they wanted you to log into Facebook or Twitter Account to save. Create an account beforehand to avoid using your Facebook or Twitter account to save.



Very simple interface, simply click the “Web” option, then choose the collage option and begin making a collage immediately in the editor window. The collage sheets are primarily square shapes, however, this website does have nicely decorated collage sheets. You can also add frames, text and other enhancements to your photos from here. I like the photo background sheets because you can freely move the photos around.  This program has a good balance between ease of use and functionality. I loved the collage background design pages.  They could have a few more collage sheet designs.

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New Funeral Program Template Designs

Elegant Memorials now has 4 new designs.


bifold vintage rose pink

Vintage Rose Funeral Program Template

This funeral program design features a delicate pink swirl border with a conservative white background.  It has a green vine and pink vintage-like rose at the top of the page.  The cover photo is displayed in a pink border oval, but can be changed if needed.  The cover has plenty of space for funeral program title, full name and service information.  The back cover also features the swirl border.  This template is also offered in purple, red and yellow.

bifold silk curtains blue

Silk Curtain Funeral Program Template

This funeral program design features an elegant silk curtain that reveals an oval for the cover photo.  The cover is highlighted with a gold top and bottom border.   The cover has space for funeral program title, full name and service information.  This template is also offered in purple, red, blue and green.  This template is perfect for a homegoing or memorial service

bifold peaceful water bouquet

Peaceful Waters Funeral Program Template

This funeral program design has a calm nature scape cover featuring a pale blue sky with billowy white clouds and a soft gold sunlight and a beautiful white dove flying over a calm blue ocean.  The cover extends to the back cover for full coverage   The cover has space for funeral program title, full name and service information.  This template is perfect for both religious and secular services.


bifold music memories

Music Memories Funeral Program Template

For the special music lover, this funeral program design has pale blue and tan light bokeh background with golden musical notes.  The cover has space for funeral program title, full name and service information.  This template is perfect for both religious and secular services.


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Elegant Memorials now sells funeral program templates which allow you to change the color of the background with just a few simple clicks.

funeral program template

There are many ways of personalizing a funeral program from adding sentimental pictures and graphics to adjusting the size and style of font. Now, users can further customize a program by choosing templates that allow you to change background colors as well.

memorial plaque graphic

This option makes the funeral program templates more versatile by giving customers the opportunity to change the program’s colors to one more desirable. Many prefer to have the program highlighted with their loved one’s favorite color or a hue that will fit the theme of the funeral, memorial or Celebration of Life ceremony.

You can change a single color or create a beautiful gradient of colors. What’s great is that you can experiment to get whatever color scheme you want. Users can select to change the color of the borders, background and text.

Changing Background Colors
Changing the background color is easy:
1. Select the top lavender background box; right click and choose “Format Autoshape.”
2. Choose the “Colors and Lines” tab.
3. Click the down arrow on the fill color box and choose the color that you want.
5. Hit OK to save changes.
6. Do the same for the bottom lavender box.
7. Make sure to delete this box when done by selecting the edge of the box and pressing delete or backspace.

The backgrounds use autofill shapes, so you can easily change colors by accessing the shape properties.

Changing Border Colors
The colors of borders or picture frames can easily be changed to correspond to the rest of the funeral program’s color scheme. This can be done by:
1. Select and right click inside the grey picture box and choose “Format Autoshape.”
2. Choose “Colors and Lines” tab.
3. Under “Fill,” click “Fill Effects.”
4. Click “Picture” tab and select picture. Click OK.
5. Click OK to save changes.
6. Delete this box when done by selecting the edge of the box and pressing “backspace” or “delete.”


Make The Perfect Funeral Program ... It's Easy

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  • Professional Designs formatted using Microsoft Word or Publisher
  • All test can be changed, including the program title
  • Flexible Designs and Layout
  • Instant Download and Live customer support
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