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DIY Funeral Programs

Creating and Printing Funeral Programs at Home

butterfly funeral program with frameIf you’re looking to cut costs when planning a funeral or memorial service, you should consider DIY (Do it Yourself) funeral programs. You don’t need to be a design guru or even have a lot of technical experience to complete this task. Using funeral program templates allow you to quickly and easily create, edit and print lovely and unique funeral programs and booklets. Simply select a funeral program template design, and gather the information that you will include. Once you have your information, edit the template and print.

Selecting and Downloading a Template

When choosing a funeral program template, consider one that speaks to your loved one’s personality. There are many themes available from religious, patriotic and nature scenes. Make sure to also choose the right format and layout. Templates come in many paper sizes and layouts. Make sure you have the necessary software to edit your template such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or Apple Pages for Mac.

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Decide what you will include in your program

There are many different types of information you can put in your funeral program or booklet. There are many different types of information that you can include in your program including:

Descriptive Title
Order of Service or Outline
Obituary or Life Sketch
Poems and Scriptures
Family Photos and Photo Collages
Special Notes and Acknowledgements

Customizing a Template

Depending on the amount of time you have and your skill level, you can easily fill in the required information on your funeral program template or customize it for that extra special touch. You can personalize the program by:
Changing the font
Adding different colors to the text and backgrounds
Incorporating images and graphics
Adding borders and frames to pictures or bodies of text

Choosing a Paper for Your Template

Paper comes in a variety of thicknesses also called weights. The heavier the paper, the more durable it is and the less light will pass through it. Also, consider the paper’s texture, finish, color and brightness when selecting when deciding on a style for your funeral program. Whatever paper you decide to use, make sure your home printer can handle it. Common paper weights include:

20 pounds -- Standard sheet of copy/print paper. This weight is utilized for everyday printing and has a lot of show-through.
22 - 24 pounds -- This paper weight is thicker and good for double-sided copies.
28 - 32 pounds -- This is paper is heavier and will give your funeral program a professional look.
40 - 100 pounds -- Also known as card stock, this paper may be a bit too thick for folded funeral programs, especially if you are trying to print them at home.

See our article on choosing paper for pringing funeral programs for more detailed information.

Printing a Funeral Program

You will want to make sure your printer has the right amount of paper and ink before you start printing. Remember the cost of ink can be expensive, so weigh all the cost options beforehand. A print shop or office store may be able to print the programs for less money. Before you print, remember to:
Proofread your copy
Make sure you chose the correct photographs
Double check all information for accuracy

DIY funeral and memorial programs can save money but can also give you the flexibility to create a unique and special tribute to your loved one that you can share with your family, friends and guests.

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