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Funeral and Memorial Bookmark Template Video -- How to Edit and Print your Bookmark Template

This video gives information about how to edit your funeral and memorial bookmark template.

Bookmarks are a wonderful addition to a funeral service—perfect for marking a place in a bible or prayer book, and later, for becoming a pleasant reminder of a loved one.

Bookmarks come 4 per sheet, with the front featuring space for a picture and captions.

The back has room for a poem or scripture.

Start editing your bookmark by clicking in any text box and editing the existing text.

Place a photo in the photo box by highlighting and deleting the instructions, clicking on the box to select it—and then, either going to format and choosing shape fill, or right clicking the photo box and choosing format autoshape.

Click on fill effects under colors and lines, then click the fill effects button, and choose the picture tab. Then, browse to the photo you want to insert. Double-click it.

Click the box that says lock aspect ratio, and click okay, then okay again.

That puts the picture in your box.

You’ll have to repeat this three more times to put the same picture in each box.

Another option is to select a picture that you’ve already placed—copy it just as you would copy text, and then paste it. You can now move it to the another bookmark.

Just delete the placeholder box, and move the picture to its place.

Bookmarks print four to a sheet on standard size printer paper or cardstock.

Make a double-sided copy.

Bookmarks can be cut using standard scissors or a paper cutter.

They can also be laminated so they’re more easily reused.

And punching a hole in top allows you to tie a decorative ribbon to each bookmark.

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