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Funeral Order of Service Examples

Below are examples of Order of Service Booklets.  Order of Service Booklets are the common name for the document that is handed out at funerals and memorial services in the UK and Austrailia.  In the US, they are commonly know as funeral programs.  For more information on US Funeral Programs, see our section funeral program information.

Funeral Order of Service Sample 1

Funeral Order of Service (Outer Cover)
Sample Order of Service Template

Tan Simplicity Order of Service Template

This funeral order of service booklet has the Tan Simplicity simplistic background cover and features a photo on the front.  It has a caption "Honouring His Life" on the cover, as well as service details.

The back cover has a heartfelt poem, and also has a personalized ackowledgement to friends, family and guests. There is also information about the repast that will be held after the service.

Funeral Order of Service (Inner Page)
Sample Order of Service Template

The inside cover of the booklet has the events that will take place at the service.  Listed are the musical prelude and songs with song lyrics, the prayer, eulogies and tributes, readings, and commital or burial information.  It also lists who will be performing the tasks.  This is a very standard format for order of service booklets.

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