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New Funeral Program Templates featuring Decorative Borders

Elegant Memorials now has two new designs available in the Bifold (Single Fold) Format.  They are "Purple Frame" and "Yellow Floral Border" Funeral Program Templates.  These templates feature decorative borders for a more simple and conservative design look.  As with all our templates, they are formatted with a cover photo and have enought room for service information, an order of service, poems, scriptures and additional clipart.  These designs are perfect for a funeral, memorial or celebration of life service. Check out these new designs and our other designs by clicking this funeral program templates link.


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Save Your Work!

download templateHere at Elegant Memorials, we help a lot of customers with their funeral programs. By far, the biggest issue when creating their program is lost changes.

When you purchase a template, you have to download (download is another word for copy) the template from our website to your personal computer. Usually a dialog box will pop up and ask if you want to "Open" or "Save". You always want to save your template. If you just open your template and start working on it, you can lose your changes.

1.  When downloading and saving your template, pay attention to where your files. The location of downloaded files may vary on different computers. Try to notice where your files are going. If possible, change the download location to your desktop, or to location where most of your commonly used files reside.

2.  Once you have saved your templates, open the file immediately. Use the "Save As" command to make a copy of your template. This leaves a clean copy of your template, so you can re-use it again. Give your newly saved template a descriptive name. This will make it easier to identify.

3. After you've made a copy of your template, Make a quick change (like adding a name) to your template, then "Save" and "Close" it. Re-open the template to ensure that your changes are saved. Doing this will ensure that you have a fully functional software, and not a read-only version.

4. When working on your program, save every several minutes, especially if you are making a lot of edits and adding lots of pictures. Don't rely on Autosave features.

Funeral program templates can save valuable time and help you create a well-designed funeral program keepsake. Following these tips can help things go smoothly.

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Funeral Program Titles

pastel flowers bannerThe funeral program title is usually on the cover of the funeral program, and describes how you honor your loved one. The title also reflects style of the funeral or memorial service. Funeral programs are booklets or pamphlets that are given out at a funeral or memorial service. They can contain information such as the order of service or list of events, an obituary or life tribute, funeral poems, funeral songs, photos and other personalized information. Many people keep Funeral programs as keepsakes. There are many different titles that can be used for funeral programs, and other memorial keepsakes such as memorial bookmarks. If using a funeral program template to create your funeral program, make sure you can easily edit and customize your title to fit you needs. Listed below are some common funeral program titles that are appropriate for funeral, memorial or cremation services that are religious, secular or contemporary.

Celebrating Her/His Spirit
In Loving Memory
In Remembrance

Honoring the Life
Remembering the Life (of)
Celebrating the Life (of)
Homegoing Service
Homegoing Celebration
A Heavenly Departure
A Life Well Lived
Forever in our Hearts
Forever with the Lord

Rembering our Beloved

Precious Memories (of)

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