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Five New Funeral Program Templates Offer Even More Choice

Five New Funeral Program Templates Offer Even More Choice

Creating personalized funeral publications is now even easier, thanks to five new templates we’ve created for designing funeral programs. Having the flexibility to add special touches to any of these new templates means the funeral program or bulletin you create is one-of-a-kind. Here are the details on these new offerings, and links to make ordering them simple.

bifold bible roses template

Bible Roses Funeral Program Template

A bouquet of gorgeous yellow roses above an open Bible provides the perfect backdrop for the funeral program cover. The sky blue background nicely frames a special photo of the deceased and, by using the easy to follow template, it’s a simple thing to insert additional text.

Tastefully framed text boxes inside the program allow you to add an order of service and obituary, as well as photos or clipart to further personalize the publication. The back cover provides plenty of space for a special poem, quote or song lyrics, information about interment and notes of thanks or acknowledgment.

Beautiful enough to honor the most feminine woman while flexible enough to allow fonts, clipart and other elements to design almost anyone’s funeral program, the Bible Roses template helps you create an appropriate memento using Microsoft Word or Publisher.

bifold white roses

Cherished White Roses Funeral Program Template

This bi-fold program template also offers great flexibility in designing a personalized funeral program. Lovely white roses topped with a gold filigree banner allow you to create a program that is appropriate for either a religious or non-religious service.

As with all our templates, inserting the deceased’s photo, name, dates of birth and death and location of final service is a simple task. Inside the template, you’ll find coordinating frames for adding the elements of a funeral program such as order of service, an obituary, additional photos and special notes about the person who has died. The back cover includes a gold filigree embellishment and additional space for adding personal touches such as quotes, poetry and clipart or photographs.

bifold church template grey

Church Funeral Program Template

The peaceful cover of this new template, featuring a sunlit sky and the image of a church, is an appropriate memento for a Christian funeral service. Add personal touches such as photos, hymns and Scripture to design a unique tribute to the person who has died.

A smaller image of a church accents whatever personalized text you choose to add to the back cover of the bi-fold template. You can also easily add special photographs and tributes to the deceased to enhance the home-going service.


bifold honorable template

Honorable Funeral Program Template


This funeral program template is especially convenient for those who are designing memorial publications for clients, thanks to the ability to change the background color of the cover. With that flexibility, the funeral program can be designed for a man or woman, for a religious or secular service and for any age person. The cover graphics include a cross that can be used as part of the program or removed, if you wish.

Use your creative skills to choose an appropriate background color, graphics and wording to best honor the person who has passed. Some elements of a funeral program you may wish to include are poetry, photographs of the deceased, order of service, favorite quotes and details of the interment.



bifold fancy border

Fancy Border Funeral Program Template

Those of you looking for a simple yet elegant cover design will appreciate the Fancy Border template. We’ve also designed this funeral program so that the color of the cover scrollwork can easily be changed through Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Whether you’re hoping to create a personalized tribute to your loved one or need the ability to offer a wide range of options to your funeral publications clients, this template provides what you need. As with all our funeral program templates, the text you insert is completely customizable, allowing you to create a distinctive memento.

Using funeral program templates to design respectful remembrances of a loved one (or for a client) makes the task simpler. These new template designs offer even more possibilities for creating the exact memento you want. Use the links above to review the features of each and select the ones that work best for your situation.


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