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Funeral Obituary


Funeral Obituaries are one of the most important components of any funeral or memorial service.  The funeral obituary serves as the official notice of death.  It is often a biography of someone's life, and give an account of life, family and accomplishments.  Funeral obituaries are often published in newspapers, and included in other printed funeral materials, including funeral obituary programs (funeral programs), memorial folders, of funeral tributes.

Funeral obituaries can vary, based on how it will be used.  If you plan on publishing the obituary as a death announcement that will be published in the local newspaper, a short biography-style obituary can be submitted.  This usually includes basic biographical information and funeral service information.  You funeral home may assist with submitting this information to the local newspapers. 

See our article on writing newspaper obituaries or funeral announcements for more details.

You can also write a more detailed and lengthy funeral obituary.  This longer obituary can be read at services, published in funeral programs, funeral bookmarks or other printed materials.  The obituary will contain biography information, but also outlines life milestones such as educational and professional accomplishments, hobbies, and family members.

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