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Funeral Program Template How To Videos

Here are a few how-to videos to explain how our services work, and how to get stated using our funeral program templates, memorial bookmarks and funeral and memorial clipart.

Elegant Memorials Funeral Program Templates

About Elegant Memorials Templates
This video gives an overview our funeral program templates and briefly shows to to use them.
Funeral Program Template Editing

Editing Your Funeral Program Template

This videos goes into more detail about editing your template. It demostrates how to add a cover photo, change text and add additional graphics
adding cover photo
This video shows how to insert your cover photo.  It also shows how to add a different shape such as an oval as a cover photo frame.
Print and Fold Graduated Fold Funeral Program Template

Folding Your Graduated Fold Template
This video demonstrates how to print and fold you 4 page graduated fold funeral program template.


funeral bookmark video

Editing and Printing Funeral and Memorial Bookmarks

This video shows how to edit and print funeral and memorial bookmark template.


Using Funeral and Memorial Clipart

This video shows how to add clipart and frames to funeral program templates

 background change 2

Changing the Background Color on Templates

This video shows how to change background color on autoshapes on selected funeral program templates

 prayer card image small

Memorial Prayer Card Templates -- Editing and Printing

This video shows how to edit, modifiy and print funeral and memorial prayer card templates