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Memorial Cards

Memorial cards are keepsakes distributed at funerals, memorial services or celebrations of life ceremonies that provide lasting tributes to loved ones who died. Traditionally printed by funeral homes, these cards contain basic information about the deceased person and are typically small enough to carry in a wallet or purse.

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Today's technology, however, allows families to create and print several styles memorial cards from home, personalized with poems or photos, from templates designed by professionals such as Elegant Memorials. This is a more time-efficient and cost-effective process to undertake. You can order other designs of funeral cards from companies such as Elegant Memorials, which specializes in helping families create lasting memories of their loved ones.

Memorial cards typically include some if not all the following information about the deceased person:
    Dates of birth and death
    Favorite poem, prayer or verse
    Funeral home
    Cemetery and plot number
    Personal photo or other image or symbol
    Personal note from family

Types of Memorial Cards

There are several types of memorial cards to choose from, depending not only on your loved one's personality, but also what the family feels comfortable creating:
    Bookmark: These pre-ordered laminated cards are usually 2.25 inches by 7.5 inches and contain the deceased person's name, photo and a poem or prayer. Styles include single- and double-sided and a tassel if selected.
    Prayer: This is one of the more common styles of memorial cards available and are not only handed out at a funeral, but included in thank you notes as well. This card typically has an image of a religious symbol on the front and a prayer and personal information about the individual on the back.
    Plantable: A wonderfully unique memorial card idea, these biodegradable cards have various forget-me-not or wildflower seeds embedded within the paper. Plant these cards after a funeral and watch the spirit of your loved one bloom!
    Folded: Similar to funeral brochure but smaller in size, this card is typically printed on card stock and contains biographical information about the deceased, as well as an image, poem or prayer and a note from the family.
Creating Memorial Cards from Home
Designing a funeral card at home from a professional template is easy:
    Peruse and download your favorite design
    Make sure you have the appropriate paper or card stock available, as well as ink for your printer
    Be sure your computer and software are compatible with the downloaded template
    Understand how to change and/or edit text and graphics

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