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Make a Funeral Program

Funeral programs help you honor your loved one's memory, as well as give pertinent information about the service. A funeral program, is a printed document that gives the events of the funeral or memorial service, and celebrates the life and milestones of the deceased. Many people choose to make their own funeral programs.  If you have word processing software and a printer, you can easily create a very special program for your service.  Here are some general instructions to help you make your own funeral program.

Use a funeral program template You will cut your time down significantly by using a funeral program template.  Templates come in a variet of styles, themes, layouts and paper sizes.  The also vary in pricing, some even being free.  If you do not want to use a template, you can layout the template yourself, although this takes significantly more time.  Make sure you choose a template or create a layou in a software application that you are already familiar with.

Make your own Funeral Programs

  • Purchase your template on our secure site, or use Paypal
  • Edit and Print your program using Microsoft Word.
Choose a Funeral Program

2.  Choose a template design, or create a design on the layout that you have created.  You may decide to pick a design that reflects your loved one's style, such as a favorite color, flower or hobby.  It is also very common to use religious images on the funeral program cover.

3.  Collect all the information that will be included in your program.  If possible, try to get the information in electronic format.  Information that is usually used in a program are:

  • Cover Photo
  • Order of Service
  • Obituary or Life Tributee. 
  • Additional family photos or photo collages
  • Information of Pall Bearers or Flower Bearers
  • Thank you or Acknowledgement Information

4.  Begin to type (or cut and paste from other sources) the information into your funeral program template.  Make sure you save your work frequently.

5.  Once completed, proofread your program.  If possible, ask another person to proofread it as well.

6.  When printing, make sure you have enough ink to print your programs.  When ink or tonor begins to run low, colors will not print properly, so have additional ink on hand.  Also, allow enough time for printing and folding.

Creating your own program can be a great experience.  You will ensure that you have a program exactly like you want it, and it will reflect your loved one's uniqueness. 

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