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Funeral Program Wording

Funeral Programs, which are handouts given at funeral and memorials services can can many different types of wording.  Ifsample funeral program you are creating a funeral program, you will need to understand that wording can apply to many different parts of the funeral program. Here are some different types of wording found in funeral programs.

Funeral Program Title Wording

For example, the title or caption, which is usually prominently displayed on the cover of the program has a special type of wording.  This can be "In Loving Memory", or "In Remembrance" or anything you choose that describes the way you want to honor your loved one.  Here is a list of titles for remembering your loved one that you can select.

Funeral Order of Service Wording

Wording may also apply to the funeral order of service or funeral outline which is almost always listed an a program, booklet or brochure.  The order of service tells the events that will take place at the funeral or memorial.  This can vary greatly depending on the kind of service you are having.  The general wording will include events like, musical prelude or selection, scriptures and prayers, eulogy and obituary readings and tributes.  Sometimes listed beside these events are the names of the persons who will be participating.  See our article on funeral order of service wording for more specific details.

Obituary Wording

Another important part of the program is the obituary or funeral tribute.  The obituary gives details of the deceased person's life and accomplishments.  Obituary wording can be very detailed, and will depend on the circumstances of death and the life of the deceased. There are a few different types and styles of obituary, depending on how you intend to use it.  See our article on How to Write an Obituary for more information.

You can find more details by reading articles on what goes in a funeral program and looking at a sample funeral program.

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