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Funeral Readings

Funeral readings are used during wakes, funerals, memorial services and celebration of life ceremonies.  These readings bring comfort and help mourners cope with their grief.  Readings may be an easier way to convey your feelings about you lost loved one during this stressful period of time.  Funeral and memorial readings can be used throughout the memorial service and in printed memorial materials, including funeral programs, funeral or memorials prayer cards, and thank you (acknowledgement cards).  The funeral or memorial service generally uses between 2 - 4 readings throughout the ceremony.


Funeral readings can come from a variety of sources, and there are many ways to choose the perfect selection.  Many choose to select readings from the deceased person's favorite books or authors.  Favorite song lyrics and favorite quotes of the deceased are also used.  There are a vast number of "traditional" funeral or memorial scriptures, prayers, sayings and quotes.

Funeral Poems
--  Poems are a great choice for readings at a funeral.  They are often the perfect way to convey your thoughts and feelings.  There are lots of funeral poems for mothers, fathers, grandparents and children.  See our collection of funeral poems:

Funeral and Memorial Poems for Mom - Mother - Grandmother
Funeral and Memorial Poems for Dad - Father - Grandfather
Funeral and Memorial Poems for Children - Babies - Kids
Non Religious Funeral and Memorial Poems

Funeral Prayers and Scriptures -- Prayers and scriptures are used very frequently, especially during religious-based funeral amd memorial services.  When selecting prayers and scriptures, it may be wise to review your selections with the family or with the clergy or church staff before the service.  Explore our collection of funeral prayers and funeral scriptures 

Quotes and Sayings
-- Sometimes a quote or saying can communicate the perfect emotion of feeling.  Quotes can be be from a famous book or author, or can be from the deceased.  Elegant Memorials has a collection of memorial quotes on the site.

Original poetry or stories -- This is a good way to express your feelings about the deceased.  If you have been asked to speak at a service, or give a tribute and you choose to write something original, be mindful of the time, and consider sharing your poem or story with the family before the service.  There are also various services that will write original poetry for you.

Personalize your service by adding
a special poem, quote or scripture
to your funeral program

Use funeral program templates to help you create a special, fully customized program keepsake that honors the life of your loved one.  Templates use Microsoft Word or Publisher for easy editing and can be downloaded immediately.


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