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Funeral Tributes

Paying tribute to a loved one who died is a common tradition at funerals and memorial services. Tributes speak to life the deceased person led, as well as the relationship you had with him or her. A funeral accolade is as simple as a meaningful card or poem or as elaborate as a resolution. Because your funeral tribute will create a lasting memory for the surviving family members and friends, make sure you pay careful attention to all the details involved.

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Types of Funeral Tributes

Funeral tributes are not only for close friends and family members to declare. Co-workers, childhood friends and old classmates can also express their thoughts and feelings for a person who died. However, those closest to the deceased are more likely to present their tribute in a more personal way such a eulogy or slideshow presentation. Select your tribute based on what you feel most comfortable doing:

  • Chosen theme: Transform the environment, including the music, into a theme enjoyed by the deceased; a cowboy, for instance, would call for a western-style funeral
  • Eulogy: Written tribute praising a person who died; usually presented by a close family member, friend or clergy
  • Funeral Programs: Funeral programs give important details about the entire funeral or memorial service as well as include an obituary, poems and photos.
  • Funeral Resolution: Formal written tribute that honors the deceased person's relationship with God
  • Poem or Scripture: Simple prose or verses that express your feelings; used when the bereaved is unable to find the right words to say or write
  • Memorial Slideshow: Collage of photos and videos outlining a person's life; typically shown during funeral or memorial services
  • Prayer cards: This keepsake traditionally has a Bible verse, individual's birth and death dates, picture and a note from the family
  • Candle: A gift for an immediate family member, a personalized candle comes with a specific theme and photographs of your loved one
  • Story or anecdote: Tales and funny stories about the deceased person's childhood, married life and career
  • Journal: Instead of the customary guestbook used at funerals and memorial services, a tribute journal allows visitors to write a short memory or thoughts about the person who died

It's Not About Goodbye
Today's funerals are more about remembering the happy memories with a person who died than about being sad and saying goodbye. Tributes comfort surviving friends and family members and support them during their grieving process. Choose a tribute that you are comfortable giving and one that will speak to the deceased person's memory.

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