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Cemetery Headstones - Memorial Headstones

The loss of a loved is typically never an expected or welcomed event. In these experiences most of us do not choose a headstone type until the need arises. When looking for a loved one’s headstone, it’s not always easy to focus on shopping for the "greatest deal".  Before researching and purchasing headstones and memorials, it is best to understand a few basics about the types of headstones to help you make more informed decisions.

Many times a cemetery will have specific rules on the types and sizes of headstones required. Knowing your requirements before looking into options further will save you time when researching. Cemeteries will generally not accept headstones purchased that do not meet their requirements.  Here are a few questions to ask:

1.  What type of headstones are allowed, such as upright headstone, or flat, individual or double grave markers?
2.  What materials are allowed, such as bronze, granite and are there any restrictions on color?
3.  What are the minimum and maximum sizes for headstones?
4.  Who will install the headstone, and what are the costs associated with it.

The types of headstones that are the most popular are flat markers, upright monuments, bevel/pillow top headstones and slant headstones. These types of headstones are mainly carved from granite. Flat Markers can also be made with a bronze plate mounted on granite and are referred to as bronze headstones. The most affordable of the types generally is the Flat Marker, but the most widely recognized which is seen in most cemeteries is the upright monument headstone. Many of the gray granites are the most popular and offer the best pricing for all types of headstones.  Consult the Internet or your funeral professional for more information on choosing a headstone.  There are many resources available to help you choose the solution that is right for you.


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