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The Funeral Order of Service Booklet

The Order of Service booklet (very similar to the Funeral Program or Memorial Service Program in the United States) is the printed document that outlines the key points in the funeral or memorial service.  The family of the bereaved usually prepares the information for the order of service.  The family may work with the funeral home, church or celebrant to design the order of service template, or they may use a company such as Elegant Memorials to download an professionally-formatted order of service template that can also serve as a keepsake.
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You Can Make The Perfect Funeral Order of Service...It's Easy

The Order of Service Layout

Order of Service Cover:

The cover of the order of service contains the full legal name, date of birth, date of death, location and time of service. The cover will sometimes have a photo of the deceased, and sometimes the cover contains a caption such as "In Loving Memory" or "Celebration of Life"


Order of Service Outline:


Music Plays (Procession)
Introduction --  Opening Remarks to start the occasion
Music, Song or Hymn is sung or a verse or poem is recited (The verse, funeral poem, or song is usually listed in the booklet)
Funeral Readings
Memories of the Deceased, Eulogy, Tribute
Music Poem or Reading
Hymn or Music (lyrics listed in Order of Service)
Committal and Blessing
Closing Music

Back Cover of Order of Service

The back Cover usually contains expressions of thanks from the family, and the place where the repass or reception.   Also, if you have any special donation requests, you can include them.

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