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Funeral Songs -- Funeral Music

Funeral songs can be a very important part of any funeral or memorial service.  Music can have a very powerful and soothing effect, and can help sooth the mourning.  Funeral music can also help convey feelings and messages that may be hard to express in words.  Selecting the right funeral songs can help comfort grief, and can help us express our emotions during this difficult time.  Funeral songs can come from a wide variety of genres, including religious, classical, jazz, pop, soul, country and rock and roll.  You can choose songs from the deceased’s favorite artists, or you can choose songs based on their lyrics.

If you are responsible for choosing funeral songs, there are several points you may want to consider. 

  • First, funeral songs should be used to accent the funeral or memorial service and should not be overused. 

  • Consider consulting with friends and family members to get suggestions for funeral music.  If you are having difficulty making selections, consult the internet.  There are several websites that list funeral songs in a variety of categories, including songs for family members, genres, and all other occasions. 

  • Once you've made your final choices, ensure that your notify family members of your selections, to make sure that no one disapproves of your selections.    If the service is being held in a church or holy santuary, you may want to review your musical selections with church officials before the service.  If anyone objects to lyrics in your selections, consider using the instrumental version, if available.


  • Before using funeral music, you should listen to the song completely before hand, and if possible, get a copy of the lyrics.  There are many websites that will list lyrics and let you preview songs before you purchase them.  Consider printing the lyrics in the funeral program or memorial service bulletin, so that guest can sing along with music.  With a little effort, you can use funeral songs to create a memorable funeral or memorial service

  • Consider personalizing your funeral song selections by using live singers or choirs to give a special renditions.  You can also ask a musician to play instrumental versions of the song at the service.  Of course, you can always just play the song from a CD or other music player.

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Examples of Funeral Songs

1.  One Sweet Day -- Mariah Cary
2.  Yesterday -- The Beatles
3.  My Heart Will Go On -- Celine Dion
4.  Tears in Heaven -- Eric Clapton
5.  I Will Always Love You ---Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston
6.  Goin up Yonder
7.  Amazing Grace
8.  The Upper Room
9.  Ava Maria
10. Dance With My Father -- Luther Vandross

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