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When creating a funeral program or memorial service booklet, it can be difficult to know where to start.  There are so many different options for design, layout and content, that the entire process can be overwhelming.  Sometimes it can help to look at a sample funeral program.  The internet gives you access to thousands of sample funeral programs at your fingertips.  These samples can help decide on how to design and layout your  program.

Finding sample funeral programs is very simple.  The most efficient way to search for samples is to search on images for any of the major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Simply select the "image search" option and type "sample funeral program".  This will bring back images of many different funeral programs, funeral program templates and memorial service programs.  Search the images will return a page that you can quickly scan to find the program that appeals to you.  Clicking on the image will take you to the webpage were the image was found that will give more details about the program.

Looking at samples will not only give you design ideas, it will also give you ideas about the content that you may want to include, such as your order of service, funeral poems, funeral song lyrics, scriptures and special notes to your loved one.  You can also include family photo collages to give you program a more personalized touch. You can find samples that are traditional, religious, secular, or casual.  Many of the samples have been created using funeral program templates that are available for immediate download on the internet.  Using a funeral program template can save valuable time, and can give your funeral program a polished and professional look.  When viewing samples, you will notice that there is no "right" way to create a program", but their are many different options to help you celebrate and cherish the life of your loved one in your own way.
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I've often had customers ask me about “living funerals”.  This is an event where a person (usually terminally ill), attends a service which celebrates his or her life, and allows them to socialize with their loved ones while they are still living.  The event is sometimes called a “life celebration” or a “living funeral or memorial” that focuses on honoring the person’s life, and not focusing on death. Family and friends gather and usually there is a “ceremony” that honors the person's life and achievements.  Many friends and family members speak, and tell stories of the memories of that person.  It is a beautiful event when done properly.

There really aren’t any clear cut rules for planning living funerals or memorials.  If you are considering having a service of this type, try to get a feel for how the honoree would react to such a service.  Ask other family members whether they will be comfortable with this kind of event.  Many family members may be reluctant to have a service like this because they fear it gives the impression that they have “given up hope” and are  “anticipating their loved one's demise.

When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I decided that a family reunion was long overdue.  My dad had 12 brothers and sisters, so this was a huge undertaking.  I let everyone know that his cancer was terminal, so almost everyone rearranged their schedule to attend.  During the event, I set aside about 30 minutes to have a ceremony to honor my dad’s life, with all of his family members present.  It was an AMAZING event.   The “family reunion”  was my dad’s “living funeral”.  It was the best thing I could have ever done!  When my dad passed, not even 4 months later, he left this earth knowing how many people loved him.  He was able to get his “flowers while he was living”.  We also recorded the service, so my mother was able to watch video and remember my dad with his friends and family after he passed.

If you have a loved one who is terminally ill in your family, consider planning an event where that person can see all of his friends and family.  If you are uncomfortable with the term “living funeral or memorial”, then call the service by another name.  If there is an upcoming birthday,  anniversary or any other event where friends and family can attend, then plan a “living memorial” during that celebration.  Read a life sketch, show a photo slide show, play music, have friends tell of memories and and read poems.  Honor your loved one before he or she dies.  You will be glad you did!
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In December  2007, my father died of esophageal cancer.  I miss him dearly.  I have so many fond memories of my daddy.   I find, however, that the strongest memories come back when I hear one of his favorite songs.

Music was always an important par my dad’s life, especially when he was younger.  I remember how he would come home with a new 45 record or album on Friday evening after a long week’s work.  He’d change his clothes, and go to the “component set” (no CDs back then!) in the basement, and play his new record.  I could hear the song playing over and over and over again.  Of course, by the end of the evening I would know all of the words!

Now, as I go about my life, I’ll hear a song that he used to play, and it will stop me dead in my tracks.  The songs bring back such powerful, and wonderful memories of my dad and my childhood.  The lyrics come back to me, and I sing out loud.  I feel my father’s presence again.

Music can invoke powerful memories of your loved ones.  If your loved one had a favorite song, hymn, or genre of music, take a moment and listen to it.  You can find almost any song on the internet these days.   Also consider using your loved one's favorite songs in funerals or memorial services.

Elegant Memorials would like wish all a Happy Thanksgiving.  We realize that many of you are experiencing a loss during this holiday season.  Our condolences go out to you.  We hope that in the midst of your funeral planning, you can take a moment to think about the things that you are thankful for in your life.  If you are going through a difficult time due to the loss of a loved one, look to your friends and family for support.
Save your work.  This is the most common issue when using funeral program templates. Most customers are under a tremendous amount of stress when they order a funeral program template.  They are grieving, and there are many, many tasks to accomplish during this time of loss. Many users will download the template, open it, and get started creating there beautiful funeral program. Then, of course, something will interrupt them. The phone will ring, they will switch to email, or step away from the computer to take care of something.  Low and behold they can't find their last batch of edits. So, after downloading your funeral program template, use these tips to ensure you don't lose your hard work:



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