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Sample Eulogy - Father

Losing my Father is one of the most difficult things I have gone through.  As I am standing up here today, I realize how fortunate I was to have him as my Father.  There are not words to express his influence in my life.  It is through his example that I learned to be the father and husband that I am today. 

My father was hardworking, strong, loving, and gentle.   He loved his family and was deeply devoted to my mother and three siblings.   However, he was no Saint by any means or stretch of the imagination.   As a child, I always looked forward to his childhood friends, "Uncle Mike" and "Uncle Dennis"  coming over to the house.  They would reminisce and tell stories about their youth, and every once in a while, usually after they had had a few beers, they would forget I was in the room, and start to tell the un-edited versions of their stories.  I would always learn some new information about my Dad, and his wild side from when he was younger.

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I remember one time I asked my mother, Why does Daddy work so much ?  She looked at me and said, Honey, every one's Daddy works a lot.  I didn't realize it then, but that was one of the biggest lessons I learned from my Dad - the value of  really hard work.  He woke up everyday, put on his shoes, and went to work to provide for our family.  I could count on one hand how times my dad was sick.  Even if he didn't feel good, he would get up and go to work of course after a little "babying" from my mother.    He truly believed that if you worked hard, treated people right, and with a little luck from God, you could have a good Life.

Although my Dad may never have said it out loud I know that he was truly proud of his children and the way we all have grown up.  When we would all get together on the holidays, he would sit in the big old red soft recliner in our living room with his chest all puffed out.   His grandkids would gather around the room, and everyone would want their chance to sit on Grandpa's lap.  They would all scream when he would get up out of the chair, growl like a bear with his arms above his head and chase them around the room.

He showed strength and love right up until his last days with us.  I hope that one day, when I die, my children can look back, tell funny stories about me, and talk about how I loved them and their mother.  Then, like my father, I will have led a complete life.



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