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Funeral Pictures

Funeral Photo Display Ideas

Displaying photos at a funeral, memorial or celebration of life service is a perfect way to help honor your loved ones.  It gives friends, guests and family members visual representation of the life of the deceased.  Funeral pictures and photos of all aspects of your loved ones life can be displayed.  There are many different ways you can incororate photos and images into your service.  Here are a few ideas to help you display your photos.

funeral program collage banner

Funeral Program Photo Collages

This is probably the easiest way to display your memorial pictures for funerals.  You can include a photo collage in your funeral programs and booklets.  Simply add your photos to a page in your program.  Include photos of your loved ones with freinds and family.  You can resize and arrange your photos, and add borders, flourishes and other clipart to make memorable keepsake.  See our article on Funeral Photo Collage Samples for more inspiration.

Photo Collage Poster Board

You can display your funeral photos on a large poster board.  Simply print your photos out and arrange them on a large, sturdy poster board to create a memorial picture board.  Include photos of your loved one enjoying friends and family activities, special hobbies, career events or anything that shows the important events and activity in his or her life.  You can embellish and decorate your board with decorative boarders around your photos, clipart which represents your loved one's favorite things, colored lettering and meaningful quotes.  You can sit your poster board collage on an easel, and place it somewhere that is highly visible the the guests of your service, such as in the front of the room or at an entrance.  Check out our article on how to select photos for memorials for more details.

Memory Tables

Memory tables are a great way to not only display photos, but other memorabilia and keepsakes as well.  There are many funeral table decoration ideas.  You can get a banquet table, sit framed photos on it, print out memorial poems and quotes to display.   Your funeral picture display can include cards that spell out different events in his or her life, a vase with his or her favorite flowers or candles.  You can also add other personalized items. such as items from a hobby, a favorite book or clothing item.  The options are endless.

Memorial Video Slideshow

You can create a memorial slideshow video.  There are many different ways to create this slideshow.  One way is to use a memorial slideshow template.  You can quickly and easily add photos and clipart, then save to a removeable drive or to cloud storage.

More Creative Memorial Photo Display Ideas

Hang Photos from helium or floating latex balloons

Display photos on branches like a tree

Hang photos from clothespins on a clothesline

Sit photo albums out on tables for people to look through

Add photos to the Funeral Guest Book



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