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Printable Funeral Programs

Facing the task of planning a loved one’s funeral, and not sure whether to print the programs yourself or have a print shop design and print them? There are actually five good reasons to use printable funeral programs rather than paying a print shop to do the work. Let’s look at why printable funeral program templates make sense for most people.   Also, see our articles on funeral program printing and printing your programs at a print or copy shop

Printable Memorial Programs are Easily Found on the Internet

There are few times more stressful than the days following the passing of a loved one. Ease part of the funeral planning stress with a simple internet search for “printable funeral programs.” You’ll find a variety of memorial program and keepsake templates available and can quickly choose the ones most appropriate to the one who has died.  The templates will come in a wide range of styles, layouts, colors and costs.

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Funeral Program Templates are Affordable

By using a template available online to create and print your funeral keepsakes, the services of a print shop aren’t required, allowing you to save money on final expenses. Another advantage is being able to print only as many as you’ll actually need for those attending the funeral service, rather than having to pay for a minimum print run. This especially makes sense when little money is available and funeral expenses are being paid by the family.


Anyone with Basic Computer Skills Can Make Printable Funeral Programs

Because of the flexibility of the templates and tools available for creating funeral programs, almost anyone can design and print them. Some printable funeral programs online are in the form of downloadable templates, to complete and print from your own computer. You may also use online, ‘fillable’ templates to complete and print directly from a website. Either way, you’re assured a professional, customized funeral memento by using basic computer software and design skills.  Many templates are available in software programs that are widely available and easy to use such as Microsoft Word, Publisher and MAC Pages.  There are also many resources available to assist you with completing your program, such as instruction sheets and videos.   Also, check out our articles on obituary templates and how to make a  funeral program.

Printable Funeral Programs are Customizable

No one wants to commemorate the life of a loved one with a ‘packaged’ keepsake. By using the funeral program templates available online, you can select fonts, formats, color schemes, graphics to make a unique tribute to a friend or loved one. You can also add memorial clipart and fancy titles for an extra layer of personalization, that will hlep you make a custom program.   Another popular feature is the ability to insert photos and memorial photo collages into the templates, resulting in an even more personalized keepsake.

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Funeral Program Templates Can be Used on Windows or Mac Computers

Today’s printable funeral programs come in more than one format, so that a specific computer operating system isn’t required to use them. Whether your computer runs on Windows or Mac OS, you’ll be able to find a funeral keepsake template designed for that system.

Designing and creating a unique funeral program for a friend or loved one needn’t add to your funeral planning stress. By using today’s printable funeral programs, easily found online, to develop a final memento or keepsake, you will save time, money and stress. Take advantage of these easily available and affordable tools to quickly design and print what you need. See our article on selecting a funeral program template to get started with using funeral program templates.  When you do, you’ll have more time to share memories with friends and loved ones and pay tribute to the one who has passed.



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