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How to Select Templates for your Business

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If you’re starting a business creating funeral programs for clients, having a good funeral program template collection is essential. Funeral program templates are pre-designed, pre-formatted documents that serve as guides for your funeral programs and keepsakes.

Can you imagine having to start from scratch each time you do a job for a customer?? That would be extremely time consuming and reduce the amount of money you can earn.

Something else to remember — you’ll want to have a good mix of designs ready to go.
Templates help you quickly create a professional design and layout in minimal time. Time is very important in the funeral program industry, because you have a very short amount of time to design, create, print, fold and deliver templates (probably less than a week).

How to Select Templates

When you are putting together your funeral program template collections, there are several factors you should consider.

How easy are the templates to edit and manipulate?
When selecting templates for your business, you will want to make sure you can change key elements of your templates. This includes general graphics and clipart, as well as the funeral program’s titles and captions.

What software programs does the template use?
You will need to be mindful of the software program that is needed to make changes to your templates. 

Do I have a good mix of designs?
When selecting templates, you’ll need a good mix of designs and colors to meet the needs of your clients. Being able to create a unique funeral program for your customers will set you apart from ‘cookie-cutter’ funeral program companies. You will want to have different colors and themes, including religious, landscapes and floral designs, as well as some basic conservative designs.

Good mix of template sizes and layouts?
Not only will your customers request different designs, they’ll also need different layouts. Standard paper sizes include letter (8 1/2"x11"), legal (8 1/2"x14") tabloid, and a wide range of others. Having templates in a range of sizes and layouts will also set you apart.

Here’s an example of different formats you may be asked to create...http://elegantmemorials.com/funeral-program-layouts

Where to Get Templates

There are so many different companies on the internet where you can get funeral program templates. The prices range from free to well over fifty dollars for a single template. Templates will be available in many different software programs, so always make sure that you can use the templates on your computer.
You should also be mindful of the company that you are purchasing from. You will want to make sure that the company has good support, just in case you have problems with downloading the template, or if you need on-going customer support.

Understanding Licensing of Templates

When purchasing templates, you will need to understand licensing and the type of usage allowed. Here are questions to research as you make your purchases (the information should be clearly stated on the website.)

1. Can you use the template multiple times?
2. Can it be used for commercial use?
3. Can you alter or modify the designs (Such as change colors or add elements to the template?)

These are all important things you’ll need to know before you base a business around the templates.

Having a variety of templates, in more than one format and design, will allow you to start your business on a good foundation. By taking the time to make sure you understand how you’re allowed to use the templates you purchase, your business can be trouble free from the start.




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