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Funeral Program Costs and Pricing

If you need to buy funeral programs, you will quickly notice that there are many different pricing options available. Funeral program prices can have a wide variety of pricing based on many different factors. This article will give you some general pricing information for full service funeral program printers, obituary printing and DIY home funeral program printing, and will explain the different factors that may affect to your how much you end up paying.

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Average Funeral Program Costs

Full Service Funeral Program Printing and Design Companies

A full service funeral program printing company will complete your entire program. You will need to provide the information and photos that you want in the program, and they will handle design, layout, typing, and printing. They will often provide a "proof" or "draft" of your program for you to approve before it goes to print.

Full service funeral programs can have a wide range of prices. If you are getting a standard (8 1/2"x11") single fold funeral program with a one or two photos and basic information such as an order of service, obituary, pall bearer information and acknowledgement can range between $90 -- $300 for 100 programs. If you are ordering these programs from the internet there may also be additional shipping charge.  Remember, this is a very rough estimate, and your prices will be determined by the options you choose for your programs.

Funeral Program "Extras" that can add to your costs:

Here is a list of options that can add additional costs to your funeral program order. (**Prices are from a SAMPLING of local and internet funeral program designers and printers.**)

Larger Paper Sizes

Larger paper sizes such as tabloid or legal size will add to the overall costs of your programs. On Average, an 8 page tabloid booklet with a few photos can cost an average of $500 - $800

Specialty Paper, Cardstock or Textured Paper

Special papers can add to the price of your programs.  You can choose from thicker paper or paper with a gloss or matte finish, as well as heavier cardstock, paper with special textures or colors.  See our article on funeral program paper to understand your paper options.

Different layout styles

Choosing a trifold, graduated or step program, bottom fold programs. Choosing a non-standard funeral program layout or format may add an average of $50-150 to your order for 100 programs. For example, 4 page graduated fold funeral programs can cost on average between $300 - $500.

Custom Cover Design

Usually the company will have pre-designed templates for you to choose from. If you are requesting specific designs and colors and artwork, these requests will probably be an additional charge.

Additional Pages

If you need more pages in your funeral program layout, this will add additional charges.  Extra pages are often used for additional photos.

Additional Photos/ Funeral Photo Collages

Additional photo will add to the cost of your funeral programs. Some charges associated with additional photos include scanning fees (if photos are not in electronic format) and photo editing fees, if the photos need to be "cleaned up". Special handling of photos such as scanning, cleanup, cropping can cost between $2 - $10 per picture.  The photos are often arranged in a funeral program collage, which will also require additional design and layout.

The important thing to remember is that full service company's pricing a vary greatly, so shop around both locally and on the internet.

DIY Funeral Program Costs

You may choose to make your own funeral programs. Making your own programs can save you money, and can also ensure that you can make a truely personalized program. Making your own funeral programs is easier than ever. Professionally designed funeral program templates are widely available on the internet. These templates are available in a variety of software formats such as Microsoft Word, Publisher and Apple Pages and are available for immediate download. Funeral Program Templates can also be very convenient. You can work on your program in the comforts of your own home, and you can control the amount of pictures, pages, and layout styles without significantly changing your costs.  See our article on DIY Funeral Programs for more information on making and printing programs and booklets at home.

If you are making your own you will have a lot more flexibility with prices.  Here are the main price factors for creating your own funeral programs

Funeral Program Template Costs -- Downloadable templates range from FREE to up to $50, depending on the website or company you use. Paid templates usually have customer support and instructional videos to help you edit your template.

Paper Costs -- Paper is generally inexpensive. You can get 500 sheets of 24lb glossy paper for less that $20. You can also use regular printing paper which is about $10. You can also decide to use specialty or textured paper as well as cardstock. These prices will be higher.  See our article on funeral program paper for more information on selecting paper.

Printer Ink and Toner Costs -- This is by far the most biggest expense you will have when you make your own programs. Ink and toner costs varies greatly depending on the make and model of your printer. You will want to make sure you have enough on hand before you print. If you are worried about printing costs, consider asking your funeral director or church or other family members to use their printers or copiers. You can also take your local printer or copy shop to have them printed.  For more information about printing at home see our articles on printing your funeral program.

Time -- It will take a some of yor time to create your own program. However, most templates can be edited in minutes. If you are including many family memorial photo collages and special designs, consider asking a family member or friend to assist with creating the program.

While making a funeral program at home may cost more time, it will ensure you can get exactly what you want, without paying a lot of money in upchages.  However, you you have the budget and don't have the time, full service funeral program printing may work better for you.





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