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Printable Thank You Cards

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After a wake, funeral of memorial service, the idea of sending thank you cards can be overwhelming.  Writing and sending thank you notes can be a very time intensive task.  You can help minimize your stress and save time by using printable thank you cards.  Printable thank you cards can save lots of time, and can make the task much easier.

Purchase Thank You Card Templates

Two main types of printable thank you cards are online thank you cards and thank you card templates.  Online thank you cards are created directly on a website that is connected to the internet and then printed out on your home computer.  These type of thank you cards usually offer prompts or input boxes that allow you to select a graphic design and to capture what you would like to write in the card.  Advantages to using this type of printable card are that you usually have a variety of graphics to choose from and you don't have to have a specific software package to create and print your cards.  Disadvantages are that you may not be able to save your finished cards, and layout and text options may be inflexible.

There are also thank you card templates available on the web.  A template is a pre-formatted file that serves as a starting point for a new document.  Thank you card templates can be free or for a nominal charge and are downloaded or transfered to your computer.  Once downloaded, you will need the software package that the template was created in to edit your cards. Thank you card templates contain graphics and text placeholders so that you can type (or write) what you want to say.  Printable thank you card templates are printed on pre-cut or pre-perforated thank you cards that can be purchase from most office supply stores.  Advantages to using templates are that you can save your work, and can print many different thank note messages in bulk.  Disadvantages are that you have to have a specific software package installed on your computer.


When selecting a printable card from the internet, you may want to consider the following options before selecting one.

1.  Make sure that you are getting the card from reputable, or does it contain a lot of pop-ups and automatic install, malware or spyware software.
2.  Does the site require you to give up personal information in order to obtain or create the printable card.  This can increase spam to your email account.
3.  Will your finished thank you card be saved in case your want to print out more?
4.  Will the card be available on the internet only, or will you be able to use it off-line?
5.  If using a thank you card template, make sure you have the software needed in order to edit and print.
6.  Check that there is space, or a text placeholder for custom printed information or handwritten notes.

Printable thank you cards, whether online or templates can help you save considerable time when sending thank you notes.  There are many options to help you send that perfect card to friends and loved ones.



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