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Funeral Pamphlets

sample funeral pamphletA funeral pamphlet is a folded, printed sheet that has the events of a funeral or memorial, and celebrates the life of the deceased.  These handouts may be provided by the funeral home or church, or you can create them yourself on your home computer and printer.  If making them at home, funeral pamphlet templates are a quick and easy solution for easily producing printed memorial materials.  Programs don't always have to be printed and handed out.   Programs and keepsakes can also be distributed electronically, such as through email or posted to social media and memorial websites. Templates come in many different paper sizes, designs, colors and layouts, and can help you create a unique and personal memorial keepsake for your friends and family.

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Funeral Pamphlet Designs and Layouts

Funeral pamphlets templates come in a variety of designs, themes and layouts. Usually, the design reflects you loved one's tastes and personality.  You can choose from a wide range of styles and a variety of colors and themes.  Some styles include religious themes, as well as nature, floral and even patriotic themes.  Templates, which will help you quickly and easily create a pamphlet,  also are available in different software formats, such as Microsoft Word and Publisher. Be sure to choose a template in a software format that you are comfortable with using. For more design and layout ideas, check out our template gallery which gives several examples of finished pamphlets.

Templates are also available in a wide range of paper sizes and layouts.  A very common pamphlet size is 8 1/2" x 14" (legal) tri-fold.  This size provides adequate room for personalized information and pictures.  Pamphlets can also come in letter sized Bifold and Legal Bifold, as well as Step and Graduated Fold Formats.

What to Include in a Memorial Pamphlet

Before creating your pamphlet, make sure you have all the information you will need. Most common information included in a memorial pamphlet include the order of service (details of the funeral or memorial), obituary information, favorite songs, funeral poems, scriptures, memorial clipart and family photos.  Make sure you can edit your template properly and save your work frequently.  See our articles on what to include in a memorial program of pamphlet for more specific information.

  • Personal information about the deceased -- You will need to gather personal information such as birthdates, family member names and information, important milestone dates such as where your loved one was born, where they graduated, jobs and hobbies and any other major accomplishments.  This information will help you write the obituary or life sketch.
  • Funeral or Memorial Service Information -- You will need to coordinate with church officials or funeral home personal to get specific information about the dates and times of the service as well as funeral order of service or memorial outline details.  See our article on Funeral Order of Service for details on how to do this.
  • Photos of the deceased -- Begin to gather photos and family pictures.  You can email family, friends and relatives and have them send photos that they may have.  You can also check social media and scan old photos that may be in the family house.  Remember, if you are putting a cover photo on your pamphlet you will need a clean, clear photo of the deceased.  You can also use these photos make beautiful memorial photo collages that can accent any funeral or memorial pamphlet.
  • Decorative Elements -- To give you pamphlet a more personalized and professional look and feel, you may want to incorporate memorial clipart, frames for photos, flourishes, borders and other images.

With a little effort, you can create a beautiful, creative pamphlet that will help you cherish your loved one's memory for years to come.

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